Virtual Workstations, Your Personal Cloud Storage or Your Entire IT Infrastructure Safely Hosted in Our Secure Austrian Data Centre

  • Highest data security and availability

  • Increased flexibility

  • Transparent and scalable costs

  • No unexpected hardware acquisition costs

  • Availability of business data regardless of location

  • Data in the Austrian Data Centre

Virtueller Statt Physischer Server Wien


Considering server virtualisation for your company? It’s a versatile solution that’s suitable for businesses of all sizes, especially when streamlining your IT infrastructure.

You can transform your hardware-based server into multiple virtual servers with server virtualisation. This means several operating system environments run simultaneously on one computer and share the hardware. For added reliability, these programs can also run (in part) on several physical servers in parallel. We ensure uninterrupted operation without data loss in case of maintenance or hardware failures. Your servers are simultaneously made available on backup machines to maintain seamless continuity.

Backup strategies are increasingly embracing virtualisation. This allows for swift restoration of entire virtual servers on the same or different physical systems. Through virtualisation, your company can achieve significantly enhanced availability.

Leverage our extensive IT expertise when considering virtualisation. We provide optimal, future-proof solutions to maximise your IT infrastructure’s potential.

Cloud Services Wien


Imagine being able to focus on your core business while simultaneously enhancing data security. Well, it’s not magic; it’s the power of cloud outsourcing.

The cloud is an integral part of our daily lives. Whether posting on social media, conducting web searches on Google, sending emails, streaming music on Spotify, or storing documents online, the cloud is behind it all. Cloud computing involves separating physical hardware, such as servers and storage, from software, including operating systems and applications.

Exploring Cloud computing

Cloud computing offers various approaches to building a flexible IT infrastructure. Regardless of your chosen method, the key benefit is the ability to access your cloud-stored data from anywhere, anytime – be it at the office, from your home office, or while on the road using a notebook, smartphone, or tablet. This level of flexibility empowers both you and your employees, allowing for independence and efficiency.

How Can You Leverage the Cloud?

The question of how to best use the cloud is particularly relevant when considering data protection.

The public cloud is the most common form of cloud computing, where multiple users share a provider’s centralised cloud infrastructure. You can tap into the offerings of industry giants like Microsoft or Dropbox for your business.

But what if you prefer not to store your sensitive or confidential business data in the vast ‘ether’ of the public cloud? In that case, we have the perfect solution for you: Your very own ‘Cloud Virtualisation’ on-site. We’ll set up a private cloud within your network and on your servers, ensuring your data never leaves your company’s secure confines. Your data remains safely within your organisation, yet you enjoy unparalleled availability.

For many of our clients, online storage is the preferred option. We create a private cloud for you in our cutting-edge data centre. This grants you seamless access to your data, or parts of it, without the hassle – regardless of location or time. Your data is safeguarded within a state-of-the-art data centre located in Vienna’s 19th district.

Enter the Hybrid Cloud

If you’re seeking the perfect blend of cloud solutions, look no further than the hybrid cloud. In this scenario, standard applications, such as email, run on the public cloud offered by a provider, while your sensitive corporate data and applications find a secure home in the private cloud.

A Wealth of Cloud Service Options

Today, it is no longer necessary to house your entire IT infrastructure on-site. Multiple cloud service options exist, ready to be effortlessly integrated and tailored to your specific needs.

Our cloud solutions are designed to grow and shrink per your requirements. We’re all about flexibility!

Our team comprises around 15 doctors who travel every day to different locations for the well-being of our patients. This poses a significant challenge for our IT infrastructure.

To ensure high availability and maximum security, we require a specialized solution. IT United has been our reliable partner for years, providing us with a customized solution that meets our unique requirements.

Dr. Stefan Helm

Dr Stefan Helm

Let Us Create the Right Mix for You


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Experience hassle-free software management with SaaS solutions from IT-United. With our SaaS offerings, your company ‘rents’ software hosted in our secure data centre, all at a fixed price.

Here’s how it works: Instead of installing programs on individual computers, you access them via the internet. Pricing is typically user-based, making it cost-effective and scalable. Forget about the complexities of local installations, updates, or bug fixes – we’ve got it all covered.

Enjoy location-independent access to your centralized data, stored securely by us. SaaS is the future of software management, covering everything from email and office tools to CRM, ERP software, and document management solutions.

Managed IT Services, Wien


Discover the flexibility and efficiency of managed services offered by IT-United. Whether you’re looking for full or partial IT infrastructure outsourcing, we have the right solutions for you. Managed services are the perfect choice for companies aiming to complement their existing IT departments or overcome a shortage of in-house IT expertise.

Imagine having your own server environment for tasks like accounting while entrusting IT-United with the management of specific services, relieving you of IT maintenance worries. A prime example of this is our hosted Exchange mail service, allowing you to operate your own company server without the high investment and maintenance costs of an independent mail server.

With IT-United, you can enjoy an up-to-date IT infrastructure, the latest technologies, and ongoing support from skilled IT professionals – without significant investments.

Considering moving your telephone system, data storage, or applications to the cloud? 

You can also source individual infrastructure components from the cloud as managed services, such as telephony, storage solutions, or specific applications. We offer secure and professional solutions for all these scenarios. IT-United hosts your IT-supported applications on our servers in the Vienna data centre, providing the programs you need as managed services for rent.

Interested in learning more about our managed services?

Contact us today for a detailed, obligation-free consultation in the Vienna area. Let us guide you through the world of cloud services and IT.

Contact us via our contact form or at +43 1 22 66 22 66!


Managed services can be a great solution for small businesses with simple IT requirements. It provides a comprehensive range of services to meet their needs.

At IT-United, we take charge of your entire IT infrastructure, from servers to backup systems and beyond. You can operate with desktop computers or lean toward thin clients while entrusting all the essential components to the cloud. Enjoy the convenience of IT as a service, all at a predictable fixed price.

Wesentliche Vorteile

Key Benefits of Outsourcing (Parts of) Your IT Environment

  • High availability and fail-safety: Since hardware and software are separated, the system can be moved to another, functioning server in the event of technical problems. This reduces failures, thus increasing availability.
  • The modular system ensures flexibility: Resource requirements can be adapted anytime. IT-United provides IT services for all conditions. Are you growing and need more server capacity? No problem, there is always enough available. You do not need to buy new servers. If you have too many resources, you can easily reduce them on a monthly basis. You only pay for what you need.
  • Proactive: timely error detection through ongoing IT monitoring. Ongoing maintenance and updates ensure flawless performance.
  • Data security: with the virtual workstation, we relieve you of the risks of data loss, theft, and system failure. Your business documents are stored multiple times in our data centre and are available to you without restriction. This means that your data is not only protected in the event of hardware failures. Even natural disasters at your company’s headquarters cannot harm your data stored in the cloud.
  • No unnecessary hardware investment costs
  • Cost transparency: predictable, rapid adjustment of IT costs, permanent cost control (cloud services are billed according to use in the rental model).
  • Location-independence: Cloud computing allows the use of IT resources flexibly and location-independently via any internet connection. It is the basis for the digitalisation of business processes.
  • Secure connection of locations, home and mobile workplaces
  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies
  • High-security standards

Shaping The Future Together

Considering a move to cloud services or outsourcing your IT infrastructure? Approach this transition strategically with meticulous planning.

Contact us, and we’ll guide you through the essential questions to help you determine whether cloud computing is a valuable choice for your company. In a personal conversation, we’ll explore why embracing the cloud and leveraging cloud servers is smart in today’s IT landscape.

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