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Tailored IT Excellence for Healthcare Professionals

Join over 300 esteemed medical practitioners across Vienna and the surrounding region who have entrusted us with their IT needs. Our clientele encompasses a diverse spectrum, from small elective practices to specialist practices with health insurance contracts, group practices and Primary Healthcare Centres (PHC).

At IT United, we specialize in implementing customized software solutions and fine-tuning your server, dictation, printing, and scanning services to match your unique requirements precisely. With a wealth of experience working with leading practice management software, our solutions cater to practices utilizing Alphadoc (Alphaville), EasyOrdi (VIATEC), Innomed (Innomed), MedStar (WIS medical solutions), Care01 (Care01), Dentalpro (MCW), Powerdent (Kopfwerk), WinDent (HPL Software), Ganymed (ACOM), 4myhealth (4myhealth), Latido (Latido Health), and many others.

Moreover, we serve as a vital link connecting you with other essential partners, including e-card/ELGA providers, findings transmission companies (e.g., DaMe, HCS), online calendar platforms (mednanny, Doctena), patient education resources (Thieme Compliance), anamnesis infoscope (synMedico), Invisalign, and medical device manufacturers.

As seasoned IT professionals, we assume the responsibility for ensuring the seamless operation and maximum availability of your IT infrastructure and advancing the digitalization of your practice—partner with us for a future where your IT empowers your medical excellence.

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Is Your Practice IT Truly Empowering Your Daily Workflow?

IAt IT United, we stand apart as an independent entity, not tied to any specific practice software manufacturer. Our primary goal is to enhance your practice’s IT capabilities. Whether you require support for your existing systems or impartial guidance in selecting new software solutions, we’ve got you covered.

In the event that you’re dissatisfied with your current practice software, rest assured that we can seamlessly facilitate the transition to a more suitable solution. Your satisfaction and optimal IT performance are our utmost priorities.

Planning a Practice Move or New Setup?

Consider partnering with us from the outset. We specialize in orchestrating seamless practice relocations and setting up new practices. As experienced general contractors, we’ve successfully delivered numerous turnkey solutions, handling everything from networking to IT infrastructure and telephone systems.

Our collaborative approach entails direct engagement with architects and practice planners, streamlining the process and delivering cost-effective solutions. By involving us early on, you save valuable time and optimize your budget for a hassle-free transition or setup.

Ensuring the well-being of my patients is a personal commitment I hold in the highest regard. To achieve this, seamless coordination of all technical processes and patient communication is imperative. That’s precisely why, for many years now, I’ve entrusted IT United with all matters related to telephone systems and IT.

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Unlock Your Competitive Edge

Discover the benefits of entrusting us with the comprehensive management of your IT infrastructure. Doing so provides you with access to a holistic suite of practice IT solutions meticulously tailored to enhance your daily workflow. Our commitment to providing you with a personal point of contact for all your IT requirements sets us apart, ensuring a proactive and customer-friendly experience that defines our service.

Moreover, there’s an added advantage: You can seamlessly leverage our IT services without any obligation. There’s no need to commit to a contractual agreement with IT United, nor must you navigate the complexities of terminating existing contracts with your software suppliers or investing in new equipment.


Profit from Expert Insights

As healthcare networks become more interconnected, the risk of cyber threats like viruses and Trojans increases. It’s essential to be vigilant and careful because patients trust you to manage their sensitive data responsibly. Robust IT risk management is crucial to ensure the security of this information.

Visit our IT security section for guidance on safeguarding your practice. We provide essential information and solutions to protect your patients’ data and uphold their trust.

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