Flexible IT Solutions Specifically Designed for Law Firms and Lawyers

IT United has been providing reliable services to tax consultants, auditors, lawyers, and clients for over 15 years. Our team has extensive experience installing, maintaining, and resolving issues related to specialised software solutions for well-known law firms in Vienna and nearby areas.

We provide a collaborative approach to ensure that your IT needs and monitoring plans are comprehensively met. Our team of experienced information technology professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your systems run smoothly and remain available at all times. We take responsibility for streamlining processes and digitizing your law firm.

We work closely with established providers of leading law firm management programmes such as jurXpert (ACP), Advokat or WinCaus (EDV2000) to ensure seamless and efficient processes to keep your law firm organised and running smoothly.

IT United acts as a bridge to other partners, including manufacturers of dictation software such as SpeechExec by Philips, Dragon Dictation, or ODMS by Olympus, as well as providers of Archivium, WebERV, ELBA, trust module, and citizen card software. This comprehensive service complements our profile and positions us favourably for legal advice business processes.

IT-Kompetenzen bei Juristen als Rüstzeug für wirtschaftlichen Erfolg

With the advancement of technology, even smaller law firms are facing a significant surge in data volume. The complexity of legal matters is making it challenging to handle tasks within a reasonable timeframe without a reliable IT infrastructure. Fortunately, the adoption of digitalization and automation provides a chance to enhance efficiency by streamlining various work processes. Our team is here to assist you with our IT expertise and experience in supporting top-tier law firms.

Effective & Efficient IT Infrastructure to Enhance Workplace Productivity

At IT United, we maintain an impartial stance towards the aforementioned IT manufacturers and do not have any affiliations with them. Our team is dedicated to offering you impartial and equitable support for your existing systems or helping you choose software that fulfills your specific needs. If you are dissatisfied with your current software, we can also provide guidance in transitioning to a more suitable alternative.

We have been depending on IT United for several years. With the sudden shift to remote work, our office’s operational needs have drastically changed. However, IT United came to our aid by promptly implementing a solution that enables us to work efficiently from home, on the go, or in the office. Thanks to the telephone system solution utilised, we can still communicate with our customers seamlessly and without any restrictions.

Dr. Mara-Sophie Häusler, LL.M.

Dr Mara Sophie Haeusler Neu1

Are You Planning to Relocate Your Law Firm or Establishing Another One?

We highly recommend involving our team during the planning phase to ensure a seamless process. IT United has extensive experience setting up law firm installations and managing networks, IT infrastructure, and telephone systems as a general contractor for the technical domain. By working closely with the architect, we can help save valuable time and money.

Unlock Your Competitive Edge

Trust us to manage your entire IT infrastructure and experience comprehensive law firm IT solutions that optimally support your daily work. We provide a personal point of contact for all your IT needs, ensuring proactive action and a friendly customer experience. Our trademarks are customer friendliness, proactive approach, and personalized support.

Your added benefit: You can make use of our IT service without obligation. You do not have to sign a contract with IT United, nor do you have to cancel existing contracts with your software suppliers or buy new equipment.


Profit from Expert Insights

As digitalization continues to grow, the risk of falling prey to online attacks such as viruses and Trojans also increases. It’s crucial to exercise caution and take necessary measures to protect sensitive client data entrusted to you. Therefore, professional IT risk management is essential. We have compiled important information and possible solutions for you under the IT Security menu to address this vital topic.

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