Whether you need external IT support, on-site troubleshooting, or just quick help with an Excel spreadsheet, we’re here to assist you!

  • Regular support and checking of your IT systems, including server and network maintenance

  • Ongoing optimisation and maintenance measures

  • Fast and cost-efficient remote maintenance

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IT Support

Companies of all sizes today require a carefully developed and professionally managed IT infrastructure. A future-proof IT infrastructure is best developed together with the expertise of a qualified IT expert.

IT United provides comprehensive IT services to meet all of your IT needs. Our team of experienced professionals offers personalised, on-site consultations, expert advice on individual concept development, and information transfer, ensuring the seamless operation of your IT systems with professionalism and reliability. We are committed to keeping your corporate IT current with the latest industry developments, providing ongoing support and reliable IT management. You can trust us to provide exceptional IT services and support for your business.

As your trusted partner, we work in close collaboration with you to bring your ideas, suggestions, and requirements to life through innovative solutions. Our approach allows you to concentrate on your core business with the utmost efficiency and conscientiousness. We pride ourselves on delivering professional and expert services that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

The Advantages of IT Support


At IT United, we offer a full spectrum of services, encompassing development, consulting, and support for operational systems. From initial planning to seamless implementation, ongoing maintenance, and meticulous documentation, we orchestrate every facet of your IT network and telecommunications solution to align precisely with your unique business requirements.

 Our commitment extends to keeping you at the forefront of the latest technological trends, ensuring your IT infrastructure remains future-proof. From concept inception to system optimization, we partner with you at every stage to deliver the best possible outcome tailored to your needs.

 With IT United as your dedicated IT partner, you can rest assured that your IT systems are in expert hands, poised for exceptional performance and continuous improvement.

  • Increased productivity

Our commitment to ensuring the security and efficiency of your IT operations spans from catering to standalone professionals to providing extended support for large organizations equipped with their in-house IT departments. With our tailored solutions, we’ve got your IT needs comprehensively covered.

  • Improved performance in your day-to-day work

When faced with urgent IT challenges, prompt and expert assistance is paramount. Remote maintenance typically addresses these issues efficiently, yet there are instances where the physical presence of IT specialists becomes essential.

As a trusted IT service provider, we are dedicated to ensuring your IT infrastructure’s seamless operation and peak availability. Our commitment to service empowers you to maintain a robust, secure, and reliable IT ecosystem over the long term.

Count on us to keep your IT systems running smoothly and consistently, so you can confidently focus on your core operations.


Are you in need of IT consulting or services for your newly founded company?

Is your company expanding and seeking IT administration support?

Are you feeling dissatisfied with the IT support you currently receive?


What We Offer

  • Personal contact person for all your IT questions

  • Short reaction time – we provide immediate help!

  • Regular support and review of your IT systems

  • Continuous optimisation and maintenance measures

  • Fast and cost-efficient remote maintenance

  • Clear and comprehensible communication

  • Structured and precise documentation

  • Transparent billing

  • Fair prices

Comprehensive Solutions

Your Competitive Edge: Our Comprehensive IT Support

You can focus on your core business with peace of mind while we manage your IT systems and provide support to your employees for uninterrupted workflow. Our IT support includes maintenance and administration work, both on-site and remotely. Our maintenance work is typically performed at night to avoid disrupting your operations.

Caddy, IT Support Wien

On-Site IT Service

At IT United, we take pride in being your trusted partner, ready to assist you whenever you require our expertise. Our dedicated support hotline is at your service, ensuring immediate assistance whenever needed.
For more hands-on support in and around Vienna, you can count on us for swift and dependable on-site assistance. We aim to ensure that you always have the service of your dedicated point of contact, someone well-versed in your specific needs and local circumstances, guaranteeing quick and effective solutions.
Through this personalized approach, we uphold a consistently high standard of IT service quality.

Here’s what we can offer you on-site:

  • Support, Consulting & Conception
  • IT service when remote maintenance is not enough
  • Implementation of a new workstation
  • Immediate help with Internet failures
  • Immediate help with server or PC malfunctions
  • Repair of hardware
  • Training and instruction

During our surgery’s relocation, I wanted to ensure that we could start operations at the new location as smoothly and quickly as possible. IT United played an active role in the planning, implementation, and communication with various trades, enabling us to open a well-equipped surgery in record time. We are grateful for the dedication of the IT United team.

Dr. Bettina Heindl

Dr Bettina Heindl

Collaboratively Heighten Quality Standards Through Our Remote Maintenance Solutions

In today’s business landscape, companies rely heavily on robust IT infrastructure. However, even the sturdiest systems require occasional support to ensure seamless operation. Ideally, this support is efficiently delivered through remote maintenance, which grants remote access to IT systems for maintenance and repair purposes.

Through remote maintenance, we can configure, update, and manage computers, server systems, and telephone systems from a remote location. This approach enables us to promptly resolve many issues without the need for physical presence, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.


Greater Availability Through Monitoring

The seamless operation of your IT systems hinges on effective monitoring. To guarantee the utmost availability of your IT infrastructure, we employ an automated system monitoring system that provides real-time updates on the status of your operating systems. This proactive approach empowers us to swiftly pinpoint and address potential issues on time—often before they disrupt your workflow, ensuring uninterrupted business processes.

Unlock the Advantage of Our Extensive Experience and Expertise. Schedule a Complimentary On-Site Consultation in the Vienna Area Today. You can reach us through our contact form or by calling +43 1 22 66 22 66.

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