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  • Virus protection, spam protection, firewall, monitoring and data backup from one single source

  • Protection against unwanted internal and external access

  • Tailor-made IT security solutions for your company

  • IT check: we check the current status of your IT systems

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Cyber threats are real, and businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable. According to the Cyber Security Report 2020, 28 % of all companies worldwide were affected by malicious multi-purpose botnets in 2019.

As Major Intelligence Officer Finkelsteen from Check Point Software Technologies rightly points out, “(…) the risk of a successful attack cannot be completely eliminated, even if a company is equipped with the most comprehensive and advanced security products (…) Early detection and automatic blocking of an attack can prevent damage.”

We firmly believe in proactive measures instead of reactive responses at IT United. We offer a comprehensive range of preventive solutions designed to limit the playing field for cybercriminals. With our state-of-the-art, complex firewalls, vigilant update installations, and intrusion prevention systems, our team of IT security experts works tirelessly to fortify your company’s network and computer security.

Our goal is simple: minimising your risk of becoming a victim of viruses or hacker attacks. Together, let’s shield your business from cyber threats and ensure a secure digital environment for your operations.


Quick Check for Common Security Vulnerabilities

Security is paramount in today’s digital landscape. Are you confident in your company’s defences? Let’s perform a quick security check:

Wireless Networks: Are your corporate wireless networks secure against intruders?

Internet Protection: Do you have robust security systems guarding your network from online threats?

Data Security: Is your critical company data adequately shielded, or are there potential vulnerabilities?

Mobile Device Safety: Are your mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops) used beyond the office fortified with essential security measures?

Anti-Malware Setup: Are antivirus, malware, and spyware scanners correctly installed, configured, and regularly updated on all devices?

Firewall Vigilance: Is your firewall optimally configured to safeguard your network?

Backup Strategy: Have you implemented a reliable backup strategy to protect your data?

Integrated Solutions

Do you need a comprehensive overview of your IT systems and their potential risks?

Our IT Security Audit is your pathway to determining your network’s TRUE security status and provide a customized IT security solution to future-proof your infrastructure.

Shield your organization with our cutting-edge IT security solutions. Reach out to us today for an initial on-site consultation, completely obligation-free. Let’s work together to discover your ideal IT security solution.


We are your dedicated IT watchdogs, from servers to firewalls and everything in between. Our mission? Continuous evaluation and optimisation of your existing IT systems and the expert design and installation of new networks.

At IT United, we’re your proactive partners, committed to ensuring seamless operations through our professional monitoring system. We understand that juggling internal and external processes leaves little time for fine-tuning.

That’s where our skilled IT security experts come in. Together, we’ll pinpoint the perfect security solution for your needs, whether firewalls, antivirus systems, or high-speed network components.

Maximise the potential of your IT systems with our support. Enhance your daily workflow and optimise efficiency sustainably.


What actions can You take to protect against viruses, worms, and Trojans?

Increasing digitalisation and the rise of connectivity come hand in hand with an increased risk of network attacks. Robust IT risk management is a non-negotiable necessity, regardless of your business’s size or industry.

Virus Protection and Anti-Malware

At IT United, our antivirus management provides reliable protection against current and future malware threats for all the computers and networks within your organisation.

We employ cutting-edge antivirus techniques, ensuring continuous monitoring without compromising the performance of your computers. This means your applications run smoothly while our systems work tirelessly in the background.

Data in the cloud or locally must be constantly protected against sophisticated attacks and unauthorised access. While no system can offer 100% protection, our antivirus management and state-of-the-art programs provide your business with the most significant protection against malicious websites, downloads, or tainted emails.

Anti-Spam Solutions

Spam emails are not just a nuisance; they can contain threats like Trojans, viruses, worms, or targeted phishing attempts. The time spent manually sifting through spam messages can affect your productivity.

Our anti-spam software examines each incoming email, filtering out spam content and viruses based on predefined rules. This prevents spam from clogging your inbox while safeguarding legitimate business emails.

Contact us to avoid overflowing inboxes & prevent security issues.

Firewall Solutions

A properly configured firewall is a necessary protection mechanism for almost any business. The proper firewall is an indispensable part of our security concept to fully protect your IT network from unwanted access from the Internet.

Through effective firewall management, IT United secures your corporate network from unwanted attacks by continuously monitoring and filtering incoming and outgoing data traffic. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on your business without interrupting your workflow.

When it comes to securing your sensitive data, we take extra precautions. Unauthorised access could lead to data exposure, modification, or deletion. We work closely with you to create customised access rules for your employees and determine which internet services can be accessed.

Our expert IT security team is available in Vienna and the surrounding area, ensuring prompt on-site support. You’ll always deal with a dedicated contact person familiar with your local setup, providing rapid assistance.

Contact us today to discuss your IT concerns. We’re here to provide comprehensive IT services, advice, and support, tailoring solutions to your unique needs in all IT matters. We are always at your disposal with our extensive range of IT services.

IT-Security Audit

Ensuring IT security is critical in your risk management strategy. IT security is not static but an ongoing process that must be regularly and rigorously updated to meet your company’s changing security needs. Proactive measures are the cornerstone of secure IT operations.

Our IT audit provides an initial overview of your information security, pinpointing essential actions required for your company’s protection.

The best way to ensure the safety and security of your IT systems and networks is to partner with a reliable IT service provider like us. We can start by conducting a thorough IT audit and documenting your existing network infrastructure to create a customised IT security plan tailored to your specific needs. Which will help increase the overall IT security and provide peace of mind knowing that your systems are well-protected.

Our certified IT United team assesses your existing security measures, ensuring your IT systems are correctly configured and managed, providing you with the peace of mind that your organisation’s assets are safeguarded.

Our services include 

a comprehensive review of your IT infrastructure, including a detailed results report of all crucial IT aspects. Here’s what you can expect:

Asset Management: A detailed analysis of your existing hardware and software assets.

Risk Assessment: Identifying vulnerabilities and potential security gaps in your systems.

Actionable Recommendations: Prioritised suggestions for improvement tailored to your specific needs

Personal Consultation: A one-on-one discussion with your IT manager to ensure a clear understanding of the findings.

Trust us to provide valuable insights and a roadmap for optimising your IT environment.

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Request our IT audit today and take the first step towards a more resilient IT infrastructure. You can schedule your audit right away using our contact form or by calling us at +43 1 22 66 22 66.

Expert Guidance You Can Trust

In today’s digital age, a seamlessly operating and reliable IT system is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, your IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in your success.

Considering a second opinion? We’re here to provide expert insights and support in areas where knowledge or resources may be lacking. Your IT’s potential is our expertise.

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Data Protection and Data Security

Are you concerned about protecting your data from loss and unauthorized access?

Your data deserves comprehensive protection, whether it’s the everyday risks like server malfunctions or internal misuse or more serious threats like fire, water damage, or theft. Additionally, safeguarding your data against unwanted internal and external access is paramount.

The solution? A professional backup system from IT United!

Furthermore, with the advent of GDPR (DSGVO), you now have legal responsibilities for data protection compliance.

Is Your Company GDPR (DSGVO)-Compliant?

Since May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been the cornerstone of data protection law in the EU and Austria. IT United offers expert and practical support to ensure your company complies with data protection and information security regulations.

With our free GDPR (DSGVO) Check, we’ll bring your network up to the latest standards, and we can even provide you with an external data protection officer.

Let us help you secure your data, prepare for all contingencies, and rest easy at night.

Data Protection

At IT United, we’re dedicated to creating the ideal data storage and security solutions hand in hand with you.

Our expertise includes different factors such as a perfectly coordinated backup strategy, robust data encryption on external devices like hard drives and USB sticks, and fine-tuned network access control. Discover more in our Backup section!

IT United’s cloud data management integrates backup, replication, and disaster recovery across all platforms and data lifecycles. Our cutting-edge cloud data management guarantees your data’s constant availability, recoverability, and protection.

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