IT Expert Mauro Caprioli Shares His Insights in an Interview for Option Magazine

Mauro Caprioli

Is professional support in the IT sector truly essential?

Mauro Caprioli: In brief, yes! Nowadays, a business can only function with IT. However, depending on the industry, most companies need more technical expertise to handle their IT on their own. To ensure smooth operations where IT can effectively support the company’s strategies, the right expertise is indispensable.

Where do the risks lie, particularly for SMEs and sole proprietors (EPU)?

Mauro Caprioli: On the one hand, it’s in the infrastructure setup. Especially with SMEs and sole proprietors, we often deal with IT systems that have grown organically. Unfortunately, IT is often unjustly underinvested in initially, with investments only made when there’s an emergency. The reverse situation is also common. Some overburden themselves with IT costs because they receive poor or no advice and lack a clearer understanding of their needs. In the long run, it’s most sensible to focus on the right and essential investments.
Another area of concern is underestimating the potential of optimal IT. In everyday life, I frequently notice how much valuable time (and, consequently, money) many people could save if they made better use of the IT tools available to them. They don’t do it either because they use their IT as private users do or because they’re unaware of what is technically feasible.

Topic: Security – What’s Truly Important?

Mauro Caprioli: Security in the digital realm is a pressing concern in our times. Data, frequently associated with a high monetary value, is susceptible to various threats, including theft and misuse. Securing corporate data against these attacks is an absolute necessity. Encouragingly, there is a growing awareness of this issue, partly due to media coverage. Conversely, current trends like cloud storage and home office users, without proper safeguards, also pose significant security risks.

Topic: IT Training – Is There Really More to be Learned?

Mauro Caprioli: Absolutely. From my experience, it’s clear that a substantial portion of the potential in IT applications (especially Microsoft Office) remains untapped. This gap is evident as most people in this field rely on self-teaching or learning from colleagues. Yet, few individuals take the time to explore and question whether there are more efficient, simpler, or faster ways to complete their tasks. However, when the need for training is recognized, the time for it is also found. Drawing from my extensive experience as an IT trainer, I can confidently state that everyone, without exception, has more to learn in the areas that directly relate to their work. Additionally, many of the repetitive daily tasks can be automated through techniques such as macros and VBA.

Topic: Networks – Is Maintenance Really a Necessity?

Mauro Caprioli: When I observe the potential conditions within companies that lack proper maintenance, my answer is a firm yes. An essential factor in this context is hardware procurement. Much like not every coffee machine brews the same quality of coffee, the IT realm presents a similar complexity. Multiple approaches exist for solving the same problem, but not all are equally effective, and there are often substantial variations in cost. Effective guidance is paramount in this context. I often encounter situations where even the best and most expensive components can only unleash their full potential when configured accurately and receive consistent maintenance. The good news is that in the present day, on-site technicians are rarely required. Most maintenance can be conducted remotely and outside a company’s regular operational hours.

Topic: Telephony – Can VOIP and Similar Alternatives Truly Save Money and Time?

Mauro Caprioli: Time may not be the primary consideration in telephony, but it does play an indirect role. The installation and configuration of IP telephone systems generally proceed more swiftly, thereby saving time. When done sensibly, implementing VOIP solutions can lead to cost savings. In addition to the reduced requirement for expensive hardware, the scalability of VOIP systems emerges as a distinct advantage. Particularly in expanding systems, a VOIP telephone system offers greater flexibility. Consequently, it is often the more cost-effective alternative for a limited number of extensions than traditional telephone systems. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that no additional cabling is needed, as the existing network infrastructure can be utilized, eliminating the need for extra maintenance costs.

What Advice Do You Offer Businesses When Selecting an IT Service Provider?

Mauro Caprioli: The choice of an IT service provider should be a strategic match for the company. Whether it’s a sole proprietor or an internationally active IT provider, each option has its own advantages and drawbacks. From my client interactions, it’s clear that having a personal point of contact is paramount to them, regardless of the specific services they require. They appreciate having someone familiar with their needs, preferences, and the unique circumstances of their local business. Knowing that they can reach out to me with any question at any time receiving competent guidance and dependable work, is something they highly value.