The right backup solution is the foundation of any IT infrastructure.

  • Highest data security through efficient backup concepts

  • State-of-the-art technologies (for local and cloud backups)

  • Customised solutions for your data protection and backup strategy

  • Maximum data availability: fast and complete data recovery

  • Continuous monitoring of backup functions

  • Transparent costs

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Data Backup & Replication

In today’s world of ever-increasing data volumes and the need for reliable data protection backup and availability, it is becoming more critical to quickly address any data loss issues. For this reason, it is crucial for every company to have a dependable, up-to-date, and comprehensive data backup strategy in place.

We ensure that your company is quickly up and running again.

IT United offers you professional data protection based on the latest backup technologies. We offer both standard cloud backup solutions and private cloud solutions.

Our backup service ensures an exceptionally high level of security through the systematic and recurrent backup of data and the replication onto backup servers housed within our state-of-the-art data centre in Vienna—subject to continuous vigilant oversight. Even under extraordinary circumstances, such as fire or water damage, our measures facilitate the rapid restoration of your IT systems, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Do you urgently need a file that was deleted six months ago?

Are you sure the data in your remote office is backed up safely?

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Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote may be over 250 years old, but its everyday effects are felt more drastically now than ever.

When a server becomes defective, how much time does it take for the backup to be transferred to a new one so that your employees can resume their work? Computer malfunctions, network failures, printer breakdowns, telephone system outages and similar issues can cause delays in your daily workflow. Losing your stored data can also result in significant costs.

IT United offers professional IT support to proactively prevent malfunctions and save you time and money.

Contact us for personalised IT consulting and IT support.

The IT United team has been our trusted partner for over a decade.

From our comprehensive network infrastructure to our telephony solution, we have consistently relied on the unwavering expertise of IT United.

We take pride in our enduring and contented partnership.

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Personalised Backup Strategies and Backup Concepts for Your Company

Losing important data can be a serious problem. It’s essential to have a backup plan in place to prevent data loss. Regular external backups effectively protect your sensitive information, vital records, and important documents.

We are committed to helping you safeguard your business interests.

Our certified experts specialize in creating custom data backup strategies tailored to meet your company’s unique needs. We work closely with you to identify the best backup solution for your specific requirements.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in finding the perfect backup solution for your business. We’re here to help.


Off-Site vs. Cloud Backup

The risk of data loss is not limited to hardware malfunctions, mishandling of equipment, or malware attacks. Unforeseen calamities like fires, water damage, theft, or natural disasters can also cause data loss.

In emergencies, it is crucial to maintain an off-site backup solution that can quickly restore all of your company’s data to ensure swift recovery.

External and cloud backups are both critical for protecting information and systems. Cloud backups have the advantage of being service-oriented and securely storing data at a remote location for easy access.

External backups and cloud backups offer two distinct backup options, both serving the fundamental purpose of safeguarding critical data and systems. However, cloud backups provide a unique advantage due to their service-oriented nature. Our cloud backup service ensures that your data is securely stored at a remote location, giving you peace of mind knowing your information is always safe.

Our team is glad to assist you in comparing the various data backup options available and determining the best fit for your company.

To ensure the safety of your data, we recommend utilizing an external cloud backup solution. At IT United, we are committed to helping you safeguard your information, consider all possible scenarios, and ultimately achieve peace of mind.


It’s important to keep an eye on your cloud backup and make sure that the data is being transferred continuously and that the backups are up to date.

If you need support with your IT infrastructure, we’re here to help.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team can provide advice on backup issues, support you with all your IT needs, and offer comprehensive IT services whenever you need them.

Data Recovery

Data recovery becomes paramount when your storage media develops defects, rendering crucial data inaccessible.

If your data medium is still operational, we can often recover data using specialized software. In any case, IT United collaborates with our trusted partner, Attingo Datenrettung GmbH, to identify the optimal data recovery solution for your specific needs.

We repair your storage media.

Our data recovery process begins with a comprehensive and free analysis, which is the basis for our offer. We replace defective components if necessary to facilitate data retrieval. However, it’s important to note that even if we successfully recover all your data, the offer does not encompass a guarantee.

We also offer a convenient service to collect your data medium (available in Vienna and surrounding areas) from your premises to avoid further damage.

For prompt assistance, contact IT United at +43 1 2266 2266 or via our contact form. Provide a brief description of the issue, and we will efficiently manage the remainder of the data recovery process for you.

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